Thursday, October 15, 2015

What To See When Camping In France (part 1 of 2)

Why do campers flock to France? Well, probably the same reason why campers go out in the first place. They like to enjoy nature and have a great time outdoors. Now, France offers a whole bunch of choices for campers. From the most basic campsites which actually have nothing but the ground and trees, to the so called star rated campsites which have additional amenities that offer a certain level of comfort to campers, France has them. In fact there are even four-starred campsites which have luxurious restaurants, swimming pools and even perfect and picturesque landscaping. It all depends on what you when to see when you go camping in France.

Be warned, however, that because of the number of campers who flock to France, campsites actually accept advance reservations. If you found a good place, then it would be best to contact the campsite management and arrange something so you won’t have problems with a site later.

Also be aware that July and August are the peak holiday months where guests, tourists and locals alike will take time pitching their tents and enjoying the great outdoors. These two months are indeed the peak season and you should learn to book early pretty much like hotels in the cities.

What you see in your campsite will usually depend of the location. There are sites near the beaches that give campers a pretty much good view of the sea. Activities that involve the sea and water can be organized by the campers themselves. Meanwhile, campsites located inland have hills, valleys, vineyards, trees, shrubs and mountain rivers as their sceneries. Mountain scenes are more prominent in the western parts of France.

Adding to the coastal or mountain scenes are the old towns surrounding or near the campsites. The fascinating towns and villages are a great plus for campers. These towns are added attractions.

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