Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kid's Birthday Party Planning Checklist (part 2 of 2)

It is also three to four weeks prior to the birthday party that parent should already be ordering the supplies needed for the party. This will include decorations, equipment, etc. Food and drinks as well as what would be included in the party menu should already be decided upon in order to complete the grocery list. Party invitations should also be made and then given out to the invitees. If there are guests that may come from far distances, early notice might even be necessary to allow them to prepare themselves.

Two Weeks Prior
Around two weeks before the birthday party, parents can also start ordering party favors that will be given out to the guests. When the games and other activities have already been planned out, buying the things needed to make them possible should also be undertaken. If the birthday party includes having a hosted program, parents should already try to search for places where things such as sound or film equipment can be rented. It may also be time to look for able volunteers that may help out during the party proper to make things go smoothly.

One Week Before Party
A week before the party is the time to do the general cleaning, if the party venue is the home. Parents should make sure to clear the living room or the backyard clear from possible hazards and obstacles. Safety is important especially if the party would involve children. Ordering the birthday cake can be done a week before the kid's birthday party.

It would also be time to buy some of the needed non-perishable food items and beverages. The candles and matches should also be made ready at about this time.

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