Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stop Overeating and Lose As Much As 10 Pounds (part 2 of 2)

Love More by Eating Less

Everyone likes food but the majority loves it. Loving food so much that it causes you to always gain weight is a sign of excessiveness. Food consumption can be lessened without causing you to love it less. The basic key here is to eat in moderation. This is probably an age old technique but it still does the trick. Never forget to buy only the right quantity if you are buying food only for yourself.

Eat Before Going to a Party

During the old days, young women are advised to eat before going to a party so as not to embarrass themselves and avoid ‘accidents’. Well, this is still true nowadays though carries additional perks. It is often when people forget to control themselves – most importantly their appetite – during a party.

It is hard to notice that you are already eating too much when you are socializing and rapt with excitement. Get your stomach full or half-full before going to a party to avoid overeating. Don’t stand around the buffet table if you get easily tempted with food. Be a complete butterfly and ‘flutter’ around the party while mingling with your friends.

Know Your Calories

Knowing just how much calories you need to take everyday can help you manage and lost weight. There are several online sources that enable you to calculate this by taking your gender, height, age, current weight and daily activities into consideration. This can definitely help you become more aware of the food you eat once you know your daily recommended calorie intake.

Don’t just take everything you need the next time you do your groceries. Look at the label and see if the items have a detailed nutritional facts printed. It is helpful to be conscious of how much calories you consume each day. Furthermore, this attitude can definitely help you stop overeating and even make you lose weight in the long run.

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